Campus Diary

Advanced WebApp Full Stack Development
April 8, 2022

DATE: 8th and 9th April 2022

TIME: 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM

VENUE: 6th Floor Seminar Hall, RVITM

Number of participants: 50

The Departments of Information Science and Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering have jointly organized two-day hands-on workshop on “Advanced WebApp Full Stack Development”. Ms. Naga Shreya, 6th semester student of ISE Department compered the entire proceedings of the two days workshop.

The first day of the workshop began with the welcome address delivered by Ms. Naga Shreya, 6th semester student of ISE Department followed by the introduction of the Resource person for the workshop, Mr. Kotresh M, Director Indian-Tech Keys, Bengaluru by Ms. Pranati Empran, 6th semester student of ISE Department. The event was presided by Dr. Jayapal R, Principal, RVITM.

Mr. Kotresh, Director, Indian-Tech Keys, Bengaluru is a dedicated entrepreneur accomplished in concept development, feasibility analysis and securing the funding necessary for successful business growth. He is a motivated business professional bringing a 5-year career in small business ownership. He is a skilled embedded system designer with experience in the RS Components and Controls-India Industry. He is a highly skilled software development professional bringing more than 5 years in software design, development and integration.

Mr. Kotresh M started the session by giving an overview of the agenda for the two days hands on session highlighting the advantages of learning Python as a programming language. He gave an insight about how easy and simple it is to develop an application using Python instead of using some complex codes as written in java. He made the students install the Python IDE and taught them its use in writing and executing the code to build the application.

The first day session was mostly based on understanding the logic of the application and trying to write Python code for the same according to the requirement. The first half of the session was dedicated in developing Python code snippets for the application logic. Mr. Kotresh made the students think logically and helped them in writing the basic code for developing the Home page, Signup page and Login page of the application step by step in Python IDE. He was very interactive with the students and made extra efforts to make each and every student understand the logic and write the code without errors by personally reaching out to all of them. The students were then asked to modify the codes to make the application more apt for use in real time environments. He guided the students throughout the session by resolving all their doubts.

The second half of the session was about Firebase, a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications. Mr. Kotresh gave a brief knowledge about its use in developing applications and taught the students the way in which input entry to the application could be stored in the firebase database at the backend.

The second day of the workshop was focused on developing the frontend of the application by designing html forms for the Home page, Signup page and Login page of the application followed by connecting it to the firebase database and the use of Flask framework in developing the backend of the application. By the end of the second day, all the students were able to develop a full stack real time interactive web application. In addition to this Mr. Kotresh also made the students learn text to audio mp3 file conversion functionality of the Python language by letting them know about the gTTS (Google Text-to-Speech) Python library and its use.  

This gave the students a hands-on approach on the practical implementation of the Python language in developing real time web applications and enhanced their knowledge and skills in this field.

He enthusiastically answered all the questions of the students and shared his contact details so that the students can clarify any of their queries in future. He also said that he would plan to conduct more such hands-on session in developing real time applications and provide internship opportunities to the meritorious students in the future days to come.

The event concluded with valuable feedbacks given by some students followed by the Vote of Thanks.

This two day hands-on workshop turned out to be a fruitful event as students found it very effective and informative.