Information Science 

About the programme

This programme is a four-year intensive degree that focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming and networking similar to Computer Science Engineering. During the course of the programme, students will get to learn extensively about computation, algorithms, programming languages, programme design, computer software, computer hardware, etc with more focus on data analytics. It enables our students to gain an in-depth insight into the field, as they learn to investigate, collect, categorize, store, and disseminate information.

  • Semesters: 8
  • Credits: 175
  • Start date: 1 August, 2020
  • Eligibility: PUC or an equivalent with a minimum 45% overall grade and 60% subject-wise grade in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.


Students with a diploma degree can enter III semester of the programme.

  • Semesters: 6
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Eligibility: Students must earn 135 credits to qualify for the degree
1 Short-term goals
2 Long-term goals
3 Facilities
1 Short-term goals
  • Familiarise students with the latest developments in the IT sector
  • Help students apply their theoretical knowledge to the real-world
  • Encourage students to participate in international and national level events and community development activities
  • Model students to be global citizens, while giving a local perspective of the discipline
  • Provide access to industry links for internships and employment opportunities
2 Long-term goals
  • Encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among students
  • Develop state-of-the-art research facilities to promote innovation in the field
3 Facilities
  • Analog and Digital Electronics Lab
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Lab
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms Laboratory

Vertical Progression


There shall be no restriction for promotion from odd semester to the even semester, provided the student fulfills the attendance requirement.

A. Vertical progression in case of students admitted to the first year:

A student with CGPA ≥ 5.00 at the end of the first academic year and has no ‘F’ grade or has not more than four ‘F’ grades in the first two semesters of the programme shall be eligible to move to II year

  • A student with CGPA ≥ 5.00 at the end of the second academic year and has no ‘F’ grade or has not more than four ‘F’ grades in four semesters ( I and II years) shall be eligible to move to III year
  • A student with CGPA ≥ 5.00 at the end of the third academic year, and has earned all the prescribed credits of I year, and has no ‘F’ grade or has not more than four ‘F’ grades in the four semesters of II and III years shall be eligible to move to IV year

B. A student shall also be eligible for the first time, with a warning to move to higher odd semester, if he/she has failed to secure a minimum CGPA = 5.00 at the end of any academic year

C. For the award of degree, a CGPA ≥ 5.00 at the end of the programme shall be mandatory


Areas of expertise: Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep learning and Data Mining
Experience: 23 years
Date of joining: 31-08-2020
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International Journals:                   11

National Journals:                02

International Conference:     05

International Conference:     06


List of Publications


International Refereed Journals:


  • Dr. Prathima Guruprasad, Dr. Guruprasad, “An Accurate and Robust Handwritten Nandinagari Recognition System”, ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing, Vol 10, Issue 3, Feb 2020
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National Refereed Journals:


  • Prathima Guruprasad, Amith H R, Harsha D, “Matching of Handwritten Devanagari words using SIFT Invariant Features”, AEIJST- Vol3 Issue 10 ISSN 2348-6732, Oct 2015
  • Prathima Guruprasad, Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Guruprasad, “Feature Extraction and Classification Techniques for Handwritten Nandinagari Vowels”, Anusandhan Journal, Vol 2 Issue 1, December 2013



International Refereed Conferences:


  •  Prathima Guruprasad, Sanjay Shankar , Shreyas S, Tilak J, Vyshak S Kumar, “Automated Segmentation Of Handwritten Devanagari Scripts”, International Conference on ICCSTAR , City Engg. College, Bengaluru, IJCEA , April 2016


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National Refereed Conferences:


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  • Prathima Guruprasad, Tara D, “Image Fusion Scheme for Multi Resolution Images Based on Wavelet Transform“, 2nd National conference on NCIETET, Published in Anna University Journal, PIT, Chennai, May 2015


Awards and Key Contributions:


  • Published a Patent titled “Method and System for Identifying Nandinagari Character in a Test Input”, for the year 2020


  • Received Rs. 30.00Lakhs VGST grant in Centre of Innovative Science and Engineering Education (CISEE) for the Project “Word image identification for handwritten scripts using data visualization”, for the year 2014-15


  • Proposed identification of Nandinagari hand written scripts – First of its kind. Papers published are cited in Proposal to encode the Nandinagari script in Unicode, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley, California, U.S.A., January 1, 2016


  • Moodle Coordination – complete set up of Moodle – login creation for faculties and students, course creation, forming cohorts, site administration

Research Paper Reviewer:

  • Program committee of ICICC – 2020, Research paper reviewer for Springer Conference
  • 2nd International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (MLIS2020) Oct. 2020, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • The Journal on Machine Vision and Applications, Springer
  • The  Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Invited Talk:-


  • FDP Resource Person at Two Day Workshop On Research And Publication Ethics held from 5 th – 6th August – 2020 at DSU, Bengaluru on topic : Software Tools, Databases and Research Metrics


  • FDP Resource Person at Research Perspective in Futuristic Computing Technologies held from 6th to 10th July – 2020 at DSU, Bengaluru on topic : Computer Vision


  • IEEE Technical Talk at UVCE, Bengaluru – March 5, 2019 on topic: Machine Learning Approaches for Image Processing


  • Workshop on Emerging Trends In Image & Video Processing at NMIT, Bangalore-Jan 21-25, 2013 on topic: Feature Extraction and Classification methods for Nandinagari Scripts


  • Researchers Conclave on Machine learning &Computational Intelligence at AIT, Coimbatore from Sept 07-8, 2012 on topic: Nandinagari Handwritten Character Recognition System

Areas of expertise: Image processing and pattern recognition
Experience: 22 years
Date of joining: 01/09/2020
Email ID:



International Journals       : 03

International Conference   : 03

National Conference          :  03


List of Publications:

International refereed journals:


  • M S Patel, S C Linga Reddy, An Intelligent System Approach for Handwritten Kannada Word Recognition” i-manager’s Journal on Pattern Recognition; Nagercoil,  2, issue. 1,  (Mar-May 2015): 10-15.
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International conferences:


  •       M.S. PatelSanjay Linga Reddy, “An impact of grid based approach in offline handwritten Kannada word recognition” IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communications and Informatics (IC3I), Mysore, 2014, pp. 630-633.
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M.S.Patel, krupashankari.S.sandyal, “offline handwritten kannada word recognition”, proceedings of 07th IRF International Conference, 22nd June-2014, Bengaluru, India, ISBN: 978-93-84209-29-2

Areas of expertise: Computer Networks, Machine Learning, Data Science, Wireless Sensor Networks, Network Security, and Python Programming Language.
Experience: 16 years
Date of joining: 01/09/2020
Email ID:,


National Conference      : 08

International Journals     :12

International Conference: 05

Book Chapter                   :02


List of Publications:
International refereed journals:


  • Gautam R ,Akshay G J , Dhavan R , Amika Kumawat, Ajina, glotz“Speeches Oriented Virtual Restaurant Clerk using Web Speech API and Natural Language Processing“, International Journal Of Engineering Research & Technology (Ijert), vol.09, issue 05, pp.906-910 ,May 2020.
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Book Chapter:


  • P. Indumathi, Ajina A,” Generating Feasible Path Between Path Testing and Data Flow Testing”,Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologiesbook series, Evolutionary Computing and Mobile Sustainable Networks Proceedings of ICECMSN 2020, Springer, vol. 53, pp 325-335.
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International conferences:


  • P. Indumathi, Ajina A,” Generating Feasible Path Between Path Testing and Data Flow TestingThe International Conference on Evolutionary Computing and Mobile Sustainable Networks (ICECMSN 2020), Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India on 20-21, Feb 2020.
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National conferences:


  • Ajina, and Mydhili K Nair, “Survey on energy issues and quality of service in Wireless Multimedia Sensor network,”Recent Advancement in Computer Science and Engineering (RACE16), 27th February 2016 Organized by Bethlehem Institute of Engineering, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu.
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Ajina A and GR Sakthidharan, “Integrating Energy Aware and Power Management schemes in MANET “, NACONT-10, 31st Mar 2010 in Dr.PaulsEngg., college, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu.

Areas of expertise: Machine Learning, Image Processing, Data Analytics
Teaching experience: 9 years
Research experience: 1 year
Date of joining: 1 July, 2019
Email ID:


National Conference      : 

International Journals     :01

International Conference: 05


List of Publications:
International refereed journals:


  • Deepak D J, Keerthi Prasad G, Imran Khan and Naveen R Chanukotimath. “Dvadasham (Dodeca) Edge Filter for Impulse Noise, Gaussian Noise, Quantum Noise Reduction in Images”, International Journal of advanced Computer Technology- COMPUSOFT,II, issue. 7, ISSN: 2320-0790, pp. 204-209, July 2013


International Conference


  • Alwyn Roshan Pais, Deepak D J, B. R. Chandavarkar. “Protection against Denial of Service and Input Manipulation Vulnerabilities in Service Oriented Architecture”, Of R V Institute of Technology and Management Department of Computer Science and Engineering Advances in Network Security and Applications Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 196, issue. 1, pp.331-343, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-22540-6_32. ISBN 978-3-642-22539-0, 2011.


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