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Latest Event

Fun Day

February 20, 2020

As a part of our Induction Programme, we hosted ‘Fun Day’ for students to kick back and relax. The day included numerous sporting activities, and Dr Jayapal R also took an insightful session on ‘Campus to Corporate World’.

Sports Activities

February 19, 2020

RVITM hosted a broad range of sporting activities for students in order to reinforce the importance of physical fitness. All the students enthusiastically took part in events such as dodgeball, tug of war, and lagori.

Campus Placement Awareness Activities

February 18, 2020

Successful entrepreneur and IIT Mumbai Alumnus Mr Yashodeep Deodar visited the RVITM campus to provide career guidance to our students. In his speech, he highlighted the importance of having a role model in one’s career and talked about his personal experiences extensively. His motivational words immensely inspired students.

Values and Virtues Session

February 17, 2020

We invited Brother Arvind Kamath to take a session on ‘values and virtues’. He delivered an interesting speech on the importance of leading an ethical life in present-day society. This was followed by a meditation session by Sister Roopa Hegde, where the students learned about how positive thoughts have the power to influence the behavior and actions of human beings.

Shivagange Cleanup and Trekking Trip

February 15, 2020

We organised a trekking and cleanup trip to Shivagange, a well-known pilgrim centre. The main goal of the trip was to promote physical fitness while instilling a sense of commitment towards society among all our students. During the trip, the entire student team picked up plastic cans and other disposables and handed them over to the ‘clean mountain organiser’ for further processing.

Cultural Day

February 14, 2020

RVITM’s Cultural Day was a tremendous success, thanks to all the students who put out a brilliant show. They mesmerised the audience with their energetic dance numbers, eloquent speeches, and melodious numbers. All in all, it was a memorable day!

Kaggalipura Village Visit

February 13, 2020

We organised a unique learning experience at Kaggalipura village for all our students. Here, they had the opportunity to apply their technical knowledge in infrastructure development for rural India. During the visit, students were instructed to collect demographic information about the village and were made aware of different government schemes.

Ideathon Event

February 12, 2020

The Ideathon Event aimed to enhance creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving skills among students. The participants were divided into groups of 4 and asked to come up with solutions to existing problems in various domains such as agriculture, robotics, waste management, renewable energy, security and surveillance, rural development, and more.

Visit to Art of Living

February 10, 2020

Our students visited the Art of Living centre at Kanakpura Road, where the trainer, Ms Upasana, enlightened them on the benefits of meditation, stress management, and pranayama. She equipped everyone with simple tips and tricks to balance both their personal and professional lives.

2 2019 - 2020

Latest Event

Seminar on ‘Apple in Mobile App Development and Introduction to SWIFT’

November 25, 2019

Shibu M V, Senior Techno-commercial Manager at Apple Business Group, hosted an informative session on Mobile App Development. He covered Front-end development tools, Back-end servers, and Artificial intelligence. The seminar was useful for students who were interested in coding, testing, and deploying applications as it gave a deeper insight into the industry.

‘SAMYAMA’ Kannada Rajyotsava Programme

November 22, 2019

On the occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava, we hosted ‘SAMAYAMA’ — a programme dedicated to celebrating the cultural values and traditions of Karnataka. Our students actively participated in the cultural programmes and put up a memorable show.


November 21, 2019

We hosted Sambram, our cultural day to educate our students on the importance of cultures and traditions in today’s world. Students dressed up in ethnic wear and actively participated in the celebrations.

IoT Application Development and Networking

November 15 and 16, 2019

A five-day training programme on ‘IoT Application Development and Networking’ was conducted by the RVCE and CISCO teams to help students gain practical experience and knowledge of latest advancements. The programme covered various modules — from Fundamentals of C Programming, Arduino UNO, and Raspberry PI to building secured networks for IoT using Python Programming.


November 9, 2019

In association with E-Cell, IIT Bombay, we hosted ILLUMINATE, an entrepreneurship workshop aimed to inspire and train students to come up with innovative ideas. The interactive workshop comprised of ideation and team building exercises to generate ideas, make business plans, and learn about funding.

Latest Event

Robotics Workshop

October 19 and 20, 2019

A two-day, hands-on robotics workshop was held by Thejesh P Achar and his team from Loginware Softtec Pvt Ltd. The students were taught to use the Arduino Board and Embedded C Programming during the sessions, giving them practical learning experience.

Introduction to Software Testing

October__, 2019

Mr. Shiva Nagarjuna, QA lead at Bombinate Technologies, discussed the various aspects of software testing with the students. He elaborated on topics such as testing lifecycle, testing techniques, and bug lifecycle. Furthermore, he discussed the essential skills that good testers must possess to succeed in the industry.

Industrial Robotics

October 25, 2019

Sri. Anil Kumar Satapathy, Chief Technology Officer of DiFACTO Robotics and Automation, conducted an interactive session on industrial robotics. He talked about the opportunities in this emerging field and the skills required to succeed. He also gave a brief overview of the applications of robots in different industries.

Latest Event

VTU Guidelines

September 3, 2019

To introduce the VTU guidelines to all our students, we conducted a session that covered everything from general guidelines to student responsibilities. Dr Rudresh Kumar KJ, our resource person touched upon different topics such as academic terminology, Choice-based Education (CBE), credit system, attendance requirements, and more to help students understand the system better.

Latest Event

Road Safety Event

August 28, 2019

We organised a session to raise awareness on road safety among all our students. It included a panel discussion, competitions, and other activities such as poster making, logo designing, and brochure designing. It was an insightful programme that gave students the opportunity to learn and showcase their talents.

Universal Human Values

August 24, 2019

Sri Y V Gundu Rao, a life skills trainer and counselor, delivered an engaging session on ‘Motivation, Human Values, and Ethics’. He spoke about the importance of achieving a goal without compromising one’s ethics. Taking inspiration from Newton’s law of motion, he spoke about the ‘Laws of Motivation’ which provided the students with tips and tricks to motivate themselves towards any goal. He also expanded on the ‘Five different ways of perceiving people’ and ‘The principles of human values and the foundation for ethics’.

Transform Failure to Success

August 24, 2019

Mr Vinayak Joshi conducted an interactive and engaging session to guide the students towards the path of success. He narrated real-life examples in which individuals transformed hurdles into stepping stones towards success. He also used videos and success stories that encouraged the young minds at RVITM to take on life challenges with courage.

Road Safety

August 24, 2019

The ‘Road Safety’ event was conducted to spread awareness and motivate the students to follow traffic rules. A number of activities along with a panel discussion were organised to reinforce the importance of being responsible on the road. Several competitions were also conducted where students showcased their knowledge and creativity.

RVCE Campus Visit

August 22 and 23, 2019

The staff and students of RVITM visited RVCE Main Campus to connect with their peers. They gathered in the Industrial and Engineering Management Auditorium, where Dr. Uma B V, a Professor at RVCE, addressed the students and staff. The RVITM team was divided into two groups and was given a full tour of the campus over a span of two days.

Below are few events that took place during the Campus Visit:

  • Session at the Centre of Competence (COC) for Automation Technology (joint venture with BOSCH Rexroth, Germany Labs)
  • Session at Common Communication Centre Facilities
  • Session at Centre of Excellence, Macro Electronics at IRDC (Interdisciplinary Research Centre)
  • Session at the Automobiles Lab showcasing the part of Mercedes Benz
  • Session at the CIVIL Seminar Hall with innovation teams

Importance of Sports

August__, 2019

Dr. Vishwanatha C N, PED, RVCE delivered a seminar on the importance of sports and physical fitness among students. He also shed light on the rules and regulations and rewards of participating in different sports at the zonal level, university level, national, and international level. Further, he encouraged the students to register for different sporting events at RVITM.

Placement Opportunities

August__, 2019

Prof. Ranganath, placement officer at RVCE, took the students through the ‘Placement Opportunities’ seminar, a much-awaited session for all students. He spoke about placement statistics, rules and regulations, and the eligibility criterion for attending campus interviews. He also informed the students about how RVITM supports them throughout the placement process.

Ignorance of Law is No Excuse

August 21, 2019

Shri B B Ashok Kumar, ex-ACP, delivered an informative session on the importance of law and law enforcement officers. He also inspired our students by narrating anecdotes and experiences that had shaped his life. Additionally, he encouraged our students to see hardships as lessons that can transform individuals.

Youth in Current Generation

August__, 2019

To educate the students about mental health issues, we invited Dr Mahesh R Gowda, a Consultant Psychiatrist and Managing Director of Spandana Healthcare to conduct a session. During the session, he spoke about the stigma surrounding mental health in India and encouraged students to seek professional help if necessary. In addition, he offered few tips and tricks to cope with the stress of student life.

Talk by Lt. Gen. P G Kamath, Veteran General, Indian Army

August__, 2019

Lt. Gen. P G Kamath, Veteran General, Indian Army paid a visit to RVITM to talk about the change that needs to be brought in the thinking of the political class towards the army and geopolitical issues. He interacted with the students on various issues in the country, answered their questions, and promoted the spirit of patriotism among all.

Industrial Visit to ISKCON

August 16 and 19, 2019

We organised a visit to the ISKON Centre, in two batches to educate the students about the importance of service before self. At the centre, they were taken to the Akshayapathra service hall, where food for 200 schools in Bengaluru is prepared on a daily basis. The students were made aware of the end-to-end food preparation process and ISKCON's efforts to serve the poor and the needy.

Yoga Session

August 16 and 19, 2019

Shankara Ashtanga Yoga’s founder Mr Rajesh Kumar took a Yoga session for all our students. During the session, he explained the importance of Yoga and the history behind it. Mrs Vidya, an Assistant Professor at RVCE, also graced the occasion to enlighten the students about leading a well-balanced life.

Opportunities for Engineers in the Future of Medicine

August 14, 2019

Dr Vivek Jawali, a cardiovascular surgeon at Fortis Hospitals visited RVITM to talk to students about opportunities for them in the medical field. He familiarized everyone with the advanced equipment used to perform complex surgeries and highlighted the role of engineers in developing them.

Art and Science of Film, Inspiration, and Imagination

August 14, 2019

We organised an informative session with Ms Maya Chandra, an RSST trustee, where she spoke about the interdependent nature of art and science. She said that science relies on the imagination of art for new hypotheses and art relies on the critical reasoning of science to awaken the imagination into activity. Her talk inspired the students to both fields in a different light.

Success Strategies

August 13, 2019

We invited Mr Uday Kumar to conduct an interactive session for all our students about strategies of surviving the corporate world. He covered major topics such as personality development, perspectives, and stage fear. Mr Uday equipped students with interesting strategies and urged them to look for innovative ways of solving the problems of the mind.

Social Responsibilities of Young Engineers

August 13, 2019

Former Advocate General of the state and Supreme Court Judge, Mr Santhosh Hegde, visited RVITM to speak about the ethics and responsibilities of students. He recounted many of his personal experiences where he overcame ethical dilemmas successfully. Throughout the session, he emphasised on the need for honesty and humanity, inspiring the students to take the right path.

Importance of Health and Fitness

August 13, 2019

Dr Sudarshan, Chief Medical Officer and Associate Professor of RVCE took a session on the ‘Importance of Health and Fitness’. He encouraged students to develop healthy eating habits and exercise routines to keep good health. The session was informative and helped students understand the impact of a healthy lifestyle on their academic performances.

Anti-ragging Session

August 10, 2019

Dr Rohini Katoch Sepat, IPS, visited RVITM to spread awareness about the grave implications of ragging. In her session, she covered various laws related to ragging, drugs, smoking, and drinking and driving. She delivered a power-packed speech that educated all our first-year students about precautions they must take to ensure their personal safety.

Environmental Laws Awareness

August 10, 2019

Former IFS officer Dr AN Yellappa Reddy joined us to educate students about various environmental laws today. He extensively spoke about deforestation, mining, production of hazardous chemicals, and other grave environmental issues. Throughout the session, he urged students to take action and save the environment from destruction.

Induction Programme — Phase 1

August__, 2019

We conducted an induction session for our newly admitted students. Dr Jayapal R, our Principal formally welcomed the students and briefed them about RSST and RVITM. His speech was followed by a session on ‘Emotional Intelligence’. Ms Priya Arya, an Emotions and Life Strategist enlightened the students about the importance of TEA (Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions) and how to manage them effectively.