Webinar on “Importance of Mathematics in Machine Learning”
November 21, 2020

Date: 21.11.2020

Time: 11:30 to 1:30 pm

Platform: Google Meet

Number of Participants: 96

Departments of Information science and computer science organized a Technical Webinar on Importance of Mathematics in Machine Learning”to third semester information science and computer science students of RVITM. Dr. M S Patel and Dr. Savitha G moderated the entire webinar. The webinar started with Welcome address by PranthiEmpran 3rd semester student of information science,Invocation song by B S Sarika from 3rd semester ISE, and followed by the introduction of the resource personDr. Prathosh A P, by Dr. M S  Patel, Dept of ISE, RVITM.

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Mr. Prathosh working in IIT Delhi as an Assistant Professor (the youngest faculty on campus at 27 yrs) in the computer technology group of Electrical Engineering where is currently engaged in research and teaching machine and deep learning courses. His current research includes informative-prior guide representational learning, deep generative models, cross-domain learning and their applications. The speaker explained how mathematics is important in the machine learning. He discussed the various basic fundamental concepts of mathematical equations. The speaker gives insight of the jobs  created in the industries in field of machine learning.. The webinar was concluded after a question and answer session interacting with students and followed by vote of thanks by Dr. Savitha G, Dept of CSE, RVITM.