T Aishwarya
T Aishwarya 560 1024 Manager Meida
With the provision of the best-in-class amenities and dedicated professors, RVITM stands out in its league. A place nothing less than a sanctum of knowledge that guides its students through theoretical, practical aspects while instilling its values and virtues of life. The college and its management have helped me unearth and hone my potential to the fullest and I will forever be indebted to it.
Rahul N Revankar
Rahul N Revankar 1024 683 Manager Meida
All classrooms of our college are equipped with ICT facilities. We also have well equipped laboratories where we perform experiments and research Related work. The projects performed are very systematical. We have good teaching faculty and regular workshops, seminars conducted to empower our technical knowledge.
Vishnu Petkar
Vishnu Petkar 819 1024 Manager Meida
The Department of mechanical engineering offers wide range of facilities and laboratories such as Workshop, Material testing, Metrology and Foundry and forging laboratories which have state of the art equipment guided by qualified and friendly teachers and lab instructors. The Mechanical department also organises frequent seminars and guest lectures from the people of the industry which is very informative and useful. The Mechanical department also visited Linganamaki dam, Shantala spherocast which is situated in the Shivamogga district of Karnataka, Tumakuru KMF and Nirmala Industies in Tumakuru Karnataka as a part of Industrial Visit organised by the department, this provided us with a deeper understanding of the inner works of various industries and first-hand practical experience of the industry. The professors and the non-teaching staff are excellent and well qualified and care about the students. Overall, the department has the right environment for the students to grow.
Parth Jasu
Parth Jasu 794 1024 Manager Meida
At RVITM my journey from day one had been amazing and fruitful in every way it meant to be..The college offers excellent infrastructure and a psychologically safe environment for smooth transition of a student. College is equipped with high technology laden laboratories which provides hands-on skill to every student Faculty and staff being research driven and inclined towards professional development has motivated me to be focussed on my goals. Extracurricular activities, co curricular activities are equally emphasised which helped me to explore my strengths and identify the areas which I need to improve on Department of Mechanical Engineering provides comprehensive learning experiences through theory ,practicals and projects by which I have become more competent in handling the machines and understanding the functioning of it.Everyday we learn something new..and are allowed to explore and experiment with our own concepts which brings more clarity We are appreciated ,guided and motivated in all aspects of overall development.. I carry a state that..I belong to this niche institute which has made a remarkable presence within a short period of time… I am a proud RVITM product.
Ms. Riddhi Rajesh
Ms. Riddhi Rajesh 768 1024 Manager Meida
I can vouch for the great experiences-both academic and extracurricular activities at campus. The newly furnished infrastructure of our classes and labs along with meticulously prepared material by the staff has been very helpful to us students.The computer science department, of which I’m a part of, aims at providing us with all the facilities and insights of the various core subjects in IT.