Dr. Manju Chandrakar
Dr. Manju Chandrakar 400 600 Manager Meida
Information Science and Engineering department has pushed our child toward self-improvement and in pursuit of great knowledge. This department of engineering has set high bars for the IT section with all its courses of studies and non-academic extra-curriculum promoting growth. The department is very co-operative towards the parents and students. We are aware of all the events and progress of the child which is not seen after school. ISE department passionately works on the best for student’s extraordinary placement. I would really like to appreciate the faculty members and head of the department for such an outstanding job for the child’s rising and shining future.
Ananya Chandradrakar(1RF20IS004)
Ananya Chandradrakar(1RF20IS004) 768 1024 Manager Meida
Being part of the Information Science and Engineering department, RVITM has so far helped me in all the technical growth, academic as well as non-academic growth. The branch focuses on a better understanding of problems from all perspectives which follows an ideal role of mentorship from this college. Its emphasis is on the region of study, learning, growing, problem-solving, sharping minds, and a perfect environment for all the fulfilments of the engineering coming up in us. Information Science and Engineering Departments have all the well-known and established laboratories and facilities put on according to the requirements of the students. It indeed has all the curriculum- based teaching materials helping us to learn in the best. The classes and seminar halls are consistently available at all times. The department guarantees the best of best facilities for top-notch knowledge. The ISE branch faculties and Head of the department put on their constant support to do a lot more than just academics and their motivation throughout the learning has been incredibly appreciable. Fairly, the ISE department has done an immensely great job in the upbringing of the undergraduate in us and are preferably superior according to statistics till date. It's a great impression to be a part of such a cogent department of such a prestigious university.
Mr. Shashank S Shekar
Mr. Shashank S Shekar 768 1024 Manager Meida
“My time at our esteemed institution RV Institute of Technology and Management has been absolutely amazing. The topnotch infrastructure, quality education, conducive learning environment and endearing peers always inspire me to push myself beyond my limits. The healthy balance of academic carriculum, co-carricular activities, training programs and fests helps us stay motivated and fresh to compete in all engineering domains.The training and development programs organised by our eminent CSE department professors is very helpful and keeps us upto date with the industry. Our dynamic teachers are very friendly and supportive whose presence I cherish the most. Hoping for 2more years of wonderful college life experience.”
Mr. Rajesh P Chinchewadi
Mr. Rajesh P Chinchewadi 720 482 Manager Meida
The environment at the college is good for my daughter. Great teachers and great interaction with her. The Computer science department has been good in helping her giving great insight into the subjects.