Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Seminar and Demo
June 7, 2022

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has organized a One-Day Hands-on workshop on “Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Seminar and Demo” with Nandi Vishwavidydlaya, Nandi Toyota, Bangalore. Private Limited, Bengaluru on 07.06.2022 (Tuesday) for II- and III-year students of Mechanical Engineering in Energy Conversion Lab, Basement, RVITM. We invited Mr. P. Rajendran, HOD / Automobile Engg., External Training Program, Nandi Vishwavidydlaya, Nandi Toyota, Bengaluru and his team members for the program. The inauguration was conducted at 10.00 am in the sixth-floor seminar hall with welcome address, chief guest introduction, keynote address and vote of thanks.  The class room lecture (in LH214) for the students has been conducted and the topic is “Importance, Need of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology”. Around 55 students were presented for the lecture with an excellent involvement of students with guests.  In the post lunch session three groups of students were formed consisting of 15 members in each team. Mr. P. Rajendran and his team members have given a hands-on demo on Hybrid Vehicle. It includes the various parts of the vehicle, working principle, cost and other technical details and students enjoyed the hands-on session.  At the end of the program, photographs of the workshop and written feed-back were taken and everyone had given excellent feedback about the workshop. Finally, the valedictory session was held at 04.00 pm.