Webinar on Enterprise Search in 2025
October 17, 2020

Date                                                           17-10-2020

Time                                                          12:30 PM to 01:30 PM

Resource Person                              Mr.Thilak Raj L

Session Coordinator                     Dr. Madhura.S

Online webinar on “Enterprise Search in 2025”, for the students of RVITM was arranged on 17/10/2020 through Google Meet platform from 12.30 PM to 01.30 PM. The session started by welcoming Principal, HODs, Staff and students of all streams. Followed by which was a brief introduction about the speaker and his domain expertise was made know to participants.

Mr. Thilak Raj started the session with a video depicting the growth of search engines from 1994 to 2019 with Google dominating the search market. The following topics were discussed and explained in detail: the raise and fall of client server search, what is Solr and how did it kill the client server stars, Modern data: Big/New data meets search, Data is getting personal: the nest wave of data search, Obstacles in future and driving forward and bottom line.

The rise and fall of client server model were explained using the following use cases: Modern search, Data volume, software, Data, Search and 21st century search. The discussion started with data volume explosion and ended at new and in future techniques.

 The following points were elaborated about Solr:

  • Solr is the popular blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene.
  • Built on top of Apache Lucene.
  • One can put the documents into Solr – a enterprise search like server with a REST-like API.
  • Insert documents (auto indexed) into Solr via JSON, XML and CSV over HTTP Push method.
  • Query it via HTTP GET method and receive results as JSON, XML and CSV

Anyone, anywhere could have scalable Search Solution as along the enterprises were ready to build the data ingestion and User Interface (UI) themselves. Solr destroyed the preexisting Enterprise Search marketplace. Shoehorning of Client-Server Solutions and vendors. It was simple hindsight. Solutions that existed couldn’t compete with open source solution. The smart way is to sell out.

The Big/New data search was categorized as Structured, Semi-structured and Unstructured data. Each category was explained in detail to the participants. Latest technology like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Hadoop and there role in data search was elaborated.

Data lake and how it works was described with real life examples such that all students could easily understand the concept. The typical data platform solution using Solr and Spark was detailed. The obstacles to the future was very well explained by classifying them as Bad Data, Bad Science, Strange Companies and Outmodedness. The future reach ideas under enterprise data was nicely narrated with simple examples. The students were offered to collaborate with the speaker to extend there views to meet industry needs.  Finally, the session ended with summarizing the statistics and  with a tagline saying “ its not a search tool, it’s the Future of enterprise discovery”.

Vote of thanks was delived by Dr. Nataraj of ECE dept., and there was words of aprriciation and gratitude by Dr. Jayapal, our beloved Principal and HOD of ECE dept. Dr. Prashant greeted Mr. Thilak Raj for delivering very useful webinar in interest of students and staff of RVITM. There was feedback link posted for the students in the chat for better improvement.