Workshop on “Designing: An Introduction”
January 21, 2021

Date: 21th and 22th January 2021

Time: 10:00 to 3:30 PM and 10:00 to 4:30 PM

Platform: Google Meet (

Number of participants: (59) 

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Department of Information Science & Engineering a Workshop on Designing: An Introduction. The workshop started with a  welcome address by Dr. Anitha J, HoD, Dept. of CSE RVITM. Presidential address by Dr. Jayapal R was followed by the introduction of the Trainer Mr. Vishal Verma. 

Mr. Vishal Verma is a Graphics & Ui/Ux Designer with over 4 years of industry experience. He has a solid background in Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity3D, Blender, HTML5 Javascript etc. and is proficient in Print, Web Interface and Brand Design. He is the co-owner of Vyasti Creation. 

The workshop was open for participants from other organizations also. A total of 8 participants registered from other institutions which includes faculties and students. The softwares that needed to be installed was shared the day before the workshop in the telegram group formed for the workshop participants. After the inaugural session, Mr. Vishal Verma started his session by sharing the assets and fonts that they will be using throughout the training session. Further, the trainer started with the various softwares that can be used in designing. After the tea break session the topics covered were Typography, Color Theory, Tools and its usages. Post lunch break hands-on session on Adobe Photoshop software was held. Mr. Vishal illustrated the usage of background, colors, text and designing the poster.  

Day 1 session ended with a Q & A and the speaker urged the participants to try out the concepts covered and share their designs in the Telegram group. Corrections for the same were suggested.   

Day 2 of the workshop started at 10:00 AM on 22nd January 2021. The session was about poster designing and the tools that can be used for the designing. In the hands on session, the demo was given followed by participants designing their own posters. Time for the same was given to the participants. The session further had training on exporting types and basics of GIF animation. The participants were made to design the animation along with the session.   

The assets, softwares, recorded video of the workshop sessions was shared further. Participants were very enthusiastic and they shared the designs they developed. Overall feedback on the sessions were very positive and they requested to conduct workshops on template creation in photoshop, 3D designing, Video editing etc.